2020-2021 Women Helping Women Fund

Grant Recipients

The following programs have been selected to benefit from the 2020 Women Helping Women Resiliency Campaign.

Career Path Services

Proactive Success Coaching

A new employment retention program offering intentional, participant-centered support customized to meet individuals’ needs as they transition off public assistance into employment.

Catholic Charities of Spokane

CAPA’s Circle of Security-Parenting Expansion and Support Coordinator

An 8-week parent training program developed by therapists to help severely at-risk parents (i.e. incarcerated mothers, parents recovering from addiction, parents who haven’t completed high school, etc.) stop negative cycles of abuse and neglect before they pass them onto their children.

Gonzaga University Center for Community Engagement

Gonzaga University Campus Kitchens Project

The Campus Kitchens Project leverages local and campus resources (college student volunteers, academic course partnerships, and surplus food) to addresses food insecurity by providing 1,500 individual and congregate meals to community-based organizations each month.

Partners with Families & Children

Training for Parent-Child Interaction Therapy

A trauma-informed intervention practice for families with young children that improves the parent-child relationship, increases parenting skills, decreases child conduct problems, and reduces the risk of maltreatment.

Joya Child & Family Development

Enhanced Family Resources Coordination Program

A program that transforms the lives of children with disabilities and delays and their families through comprehensive therapy, education, and support. Joya’s work focuses on where they can make the greatest difference, in early childhood.

Spokane Valley Partners

Food 4 Thought

There are more than 800 reported homeless students in the four greater Spokane Valley school districts. Food 4 Thought provides weekend food to more than 450 homeless students.

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army’s Emergency Receiving Facilities

The Salvation Army's Emergency Foster Care placement, Sally’s House and Evangeline’s House are the only receiving facilities in the state providing emergency placement for children and transitioning youth, ages 2 – 20, who have been removed from their home due to extreme abuse and/or neglect.



The EduCare childcare program serves children (infant – 5 years) in low-income Spokane-area families impacted by homelessness, addiction, abuse and other traumas.

Vanessa Behan

Emergency Respite Care

24-hour, free respite care for children of area families from ages 0-6, for up to 72 hours at a time. This care ensures all basic needs are met for the children in their care. Most importantly, the children receive unconditional love and nurturing care from staff and volunteers.

Women's & Children's Free Restaurant and Community Kitchen

Nutrition-to-Go Program

Reaches out across the community in collaboration with 28 partner locations to feed Spokane’s most vulnerable women, children, and teens, including those experiencing homelessness, family violence, mental health issues, trauma, and pervasive poverty.


Confidential Safe Shelter for Domestic Violence Victims and Their Children/Dependents

The YWCA operates Spokane County’s only state-recognized 24-hour Confidential Safe Shelter for domestic violence victims and their children.

Our grant application opens in the Fall of each year.