Sponsorship of Women Helping Women Fund’s annual luncheon provides your company with a unique opportunity to be recognized as a leading corporate citizen within our community.

Underwriting levels

  • Corporate Sponsor: $2000

    corporate table and listing in the program

  • Sustainer Sponsor: $3500

    corporate table and quarter-page ad in the program

  • Benefactor Sponsor: $6000

    corporate table, half-page ad in the program, lighted logo pattern displayed at the event

For more details or to sign up as a corporate sponsor, please contact info@whwfspokane.org or 509-328-8285

Growing in giving

By Elisabeth Hooker

The Women Helping Women Fund (WHWF) takes pride in knowing that each year every dollar donated at the annual luncheon directly supports grant recipients. This is thanks to the generous contributions of individual and corporate underwriters who make the event possible. Underwriters contribute at several levels, but one level fosters an environment of giving.

For $2000, sponsors can underwrite a table to the WHWF Luncheon to allow caring individuals at all stages of life the freedom to give at a level comfortable for them.

The first time I attended the luncheon I was 26 years old and didn’t really know what to expect. On a limited income with a heart for helping there wasn’t a lot of wiggle room in my budget to make large monetary gifts.

Luckily I had an employer who believed in fostering philanthropy among employees. STCU invited me to their young leaders table. It was life changing. When the ask came, I knew that STCU’s table sponsorship had already covered my donation…but I wanted to do more, and so I made a decision that day to give what I could.

STCU is not the only local organization that fosters giving among staff. “At Itron, we are always looking for ways to further engage our employees within our community,” says Callie Bendickson, Itron Community Relations. “With corporate sponsored tables at the Women Helping Women Luncheon, this allows us to invite employees to attend a signature event, represent Itron’s commitment to community and make a personal contribution to the organization that Itron will match with our corporate matching gifts program.”

Since that first luncheon I’ve been able to give more and more each year, until I made the commitment to join the board in 2014. Today, contributing to the organizations that matter to me has become part of my DNA. This was all possible thanks to the generosity of STCU over a decade ago. Even though the name on the check read “Women Helping Women Fund,” that gift, that sponsorship, was for me as well.

For our 27th anniversary, the WHWF Board is challenging sponsors to give at the next level and stretch their comfort zone. If you sponsor a table, sponsor two, or become a Sustainer. If you’ve attended the luncheon, but never as a company, consider underwriting a corporate table and proving an opportunity for someone new to be introduced to a heart of giving.