• 501(c)(3) agency
  • program is operating within Spokane County, Washington
  • current or envisioned program serving women and/or children in at least one of the following areas: Education, Basic Needs and Healthy Lifestyles, Increasing Financial Stability and Opportunity
  • Agency spends no more than 5% of their budget on legislative involvement.
  • WHWF does not fund individuals, political action organizations, or endowment funds, and no more than 15% of administrative/indirect costs.

WHWF encourages that each agency only submits one application each year. Given the high demand for funding, it is unlikely that WHWF will be able to provide funding to more than one program per agency within a grant year.

A Typical Cycle

September - Grant applications available

October - Grant applications due

January - Site visits conducted

February - Applicants receive accept or decline notice

May - Annual luncheon held to raise funds for grants

June - Grant recipients notified of final grant amount and receive funding to begin July-June funding year.

Funding Focus Areas

  • Education
  • Basic Needs and Healthy Lifestyles
  • Increasing Financial Stability and Opportunity

Grant Applications are available each Fall.