It’s about dignity for an often overlooked population, children in need.

Teen & Kid Closet

Take a look in your closet. Yes, you. How many clothes, shoes, or accessories are you holding on to that you don’t actually use? Like that sweater your grandmother bought you that you have never worn, but you feel too guilty to throw away?


Here’s an option that will help declutter your closet and assuage your guilt: Donate to Teen and Kid Closet (TKC). Make a difference in the life of a low-income or foster care child. TKC is a shop in Spokane, that serves low-income youth and youth in foster care by giving them new or gently used clothing. Every shopper, referred by someone of authority, is welcome to visit TKC for free. 


“TKC is all about dignity for an often overlooked population: children in need,” reads the non-profit’s official website. 


According to the Women Helping Women Fund State of Women and Children Report, more than one in seven children in Spokane County are born to a low-income single mom who has a high-school degree/GED or less. According to TKC, more than 11,000 children are in the Washington State Foster Care System. Additionally, around 3,000 children in Spokane County are homeless. These statistics shine a horrific light on the state of children in Spokane County, proving that there is a need for support from the community. 

Often, these marginalized children carry what few possessions they have around in a black garbage bag. 


“Some kids have never owned anything with tags, never owned a new item,” said Robyn Nance, co-founder of TKC. “[TKC] is not just a clothing bank. This is a place where kids can come and pick out some really great, quality clothes that’ll just let them feel like they fit and in and just like everybody else.”


TKC’s mission is to make every child feel and believe they are important. Through their work, this organization proves every day how much our community cares and believes in these children and youth. 


“We give them choices when so often, they have none,” continued Nance. TKC’s immediate goal is to serve as many children and youth who need them, as well as to secure more business and community partners. All TKC staff positions are volunteers. 


TKC accepts monetary contributions, as well as donations of new or gently used clothing. Underwear and socks must be new, and ideally, shoes. Clean out your closets and help children in need!


For more information or to get involved, visit

Heather Hamlin


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