Create Your Statement: Teaching Girls about REDFLAG’s

Despite Spokane County’s high rate of child abuse/neglect, there are other types of abuse and violence that are correlated with risky behaviors in youth, suicide risk, and other adverse childhood events that have long-term effects.

Did you know that females are more likely to report dating abuse than males? 9.4% of Spokane County youth have reported dating partner abuse. A mother’s education and income level directly correlates with a child’s probability of experiencing dating abuse; youth receiving free/reduced price lunch are at a much greater risk.

Additionally, one in four Spokane County students in eight, tenth, and twelfth grades combined reported being bullied in the past month, which is slightly higher than the state’s rate. In 2016, 22% of Spokane County youth have reported being physically abused by an adult, which is a 5% raise in the 6 prior years.

Young women face many risks of adverse childhood experiences, especially between the ages of 12 and 18. Luckily, Women Helping Women Fund has had the chance to partner with Create Your Statement’s program REDFLAG. This program works to empower young women to recognize their personal value and potential through identifying red flags in intimate partner relationships.

Through a seven-week educational course, REDFLAG equips teen girls ages 12-18 with the knowledge, resources, and tools to avoid unhealthy relationships and understand how to for productive, healthy relationships. This course is taught in a comfortable and fun environment among peers.

This program combines three key principles to build young relationship skills: prevent dating abuse, develop assets and leadership skills, and giving back to the community. “REDFLAG develops teens’ assets and leadership skills by empowering them to recognize their value and potential and encouraging them to give back to the community through volunteer opportunities. Statement has brought the core messages of REDFLAG to more than 2,000 teenagers since 2012.”




To learn more about this program and to get involved, please visit:

Molly Gianarelli

Molly Gianarelli

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